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Many people use WhatsApp for its call feature, which allows them to make extremely cheap calls to their family and friends. No reason to add call minutes to a cell phone plan or pay excessive fees to make calls. With an unlimited data plan, a person can talk to anyone they want for as long as they want.

The voice call system in WhatsApp became increasingly popular thanks to two beta features:

  • Voice Message
  • Call Back

They will only show up when users call someone, and they don’t pick up or decline to take the call. When it occurs, users will be asked if they want to record a voice message, call back or cancel.

When people decide to cancel, the screen will close. When they hit Call Back, it will redial the number that was just called. With the Voice Message, users will record a message that appears at on the chat conversation for that person.

People call this the “WhatsApp voicemail” since it’s so similar to traditional voicemail. However, it’s just a newer version of the currently used voice messages. The difference is that people can record their voice message right after they make their call instead of going to another screen.

The latest features are found on the 2.16.189 WhatsApp version for Android. However, to download this beta version, users will need to sign up to become a beta tester or download the APK file from APK Mirror. Once done, users can use the most current beta app version within minutes or hours.