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We already enjoyed some renders, features and specs about the future Nexus devices that are planned to be released this year. However, an anonymous account on Twitter came to spice up things by publishing an image of the supposed 2016 Nexus . Though some people doubt its truth, the image seems to match the previous mockups and descriptions that have leaked.

The image published by the user @usbfl shows a HTC Nexus with a design based on glass and a fingerprint sensor placed on its back. It looks like a mix between the iPhone and Nexus 4, according to some opinions. Several source gave away the fact that HTC is actually working on two devices. However, it seems that Google will take away the OEM brand and will be more flexible with the phones.

On the left corner you can see a camera and a flash, together with a headphones port on the right. On the side there are the antenna lines which make the device look rather thick through its bezels. The image is not very clear, so it’s hard to notice what the rest of the phone looks like. Besides that, the device resembles a lot the renders Android Police previously released. The model depicted in the image seems to be a black one, but the phone will also come available in white/silver and electric blue.

Sailfish and Marlin will reportedly have similar designs, so it’s hard to tell which one of the upcoming devices is shown in the picture. Both devices are rumored to come together with a new Nexus Launcher, which removes the app drawer, offers animated buttons on the screen for Google Assistant and adds a calendar widget. They are also working on adding live wallpapers, as an extra for their fans.