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The iOS 9.3.2 security update has addressed all the bugs that iOS users have reported to developers. The team at Apple swiftly took care of them to ensure they maintained their users’ trust. But, jailbreaking tool fans want to know when they’ll get a release for iOS 9.3.2.

These users can rest assured that a jailbreaking tool may be in the works. According to one YouTube video, it’s possible to break the iOS, but nothing has been released just yet to the public. Fans wonder, despite all the news, if a release date is ever going to occur.

It may be a bit depressing for some folks to know that there have been no updates made about the latest version. However, they shouldn’t feel that way. After all, the Pangu and TaiG jailbreaking teams are diligently working on getting a jailbreak tool ready. They may release one, but it may not be until the latest iOS version is released.

For now, iOS users who want a new jailbreaking tool can use an older tool. Rolling back is much easier to do. All they need to do is downgrade their current version to a lower functional software. The problem to get downgrade is that iTunes may or may not have the older firmware to increase Apple’s security aspects.

If you want a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.3.2, you may want to just wait until iOS 10 update is available. After all, it has a plethora of features iOS users will want. A beta version for this software has been released, and it looks good so far.