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According to a new report, Apple is planning to release a trio of new iPad Pros in 2017:  a larger variant (12.9-inch), a medium-sized variant (10.5-inch) and a smaller and “low-cost” variant (9.7-inch). These are the latest predictions of famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who also believes that Apple will make “revolutionary” changes to the design of Apple’s iPads, but this will happen in 2018, when the company is expected to integrate a flexible AMOLED display, which will offer “new selling points through radical form factor design and user behavior changes.”

Kuo thinks that the release of the three new iPads in 2017 “may not drive shipment growth amid structural headwinds; 2017F shipments to fall 10-20% YoY. If the iPad comes in a larger size, such as a 10.5-inch model, we believe it will be helpful to bid for tenders within the commercial and education markets. As a result, we expect Apple to launch a 10.5-inch iPad Pro in 2017. In addition, we estimate the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 and 10.5-inch iPad Pro will adopt the A10X processor, with TSMC being the sole supplier using 10nm process technology. The low-cost 9.7-inch model may adopt the A9X processor, which is also exclusively supplied by TSMC.”

The 10.5- iPad Pro could be used for “commercial and education markets”, saving Apple’s declining sales. We don’t know why the 7.9-inch iPad mini was not included in Kuo’s report, but this might be due to the fact that Apple has understood that its fans prefer larger iPhone models for various reasons.

Apple hasn’t focused much on the appearance of its iPads, and this is why all of them look almost identical. Aluminum is the only material that Apple has used to build its tablets and the design has never changed, remaining as simple as possible. But this might change in 2018, as, according to Kuo, “Revolutionary iPad model likely to be introduced in 2018F at the earliest, with radical changes in form factor design & user behavior on adoption of flexible AMOLED panel.”