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New, high-resolution imagery from the NASA Landsat 8 satellite have been added to Google’s mapping application. In essence, Google Maps and Google Earth now have sharper, in-depth images, which Google has used to update the two apps.

With Google’s mosaic, no longer will there be weather obstructions and clouds in pictures. Instead, each image will have a crystal-clear image of each corner for the whole world. People who use these apps are going to be happy about the news.

In 2003, both Google Earth and Maps got an upgrade. However, at the time, Google was using pictures from the Landsat 7, which didn’t have a lot of the capabilities as the Landsat 8. In 2003, the Landsat 7 experienced hardware failure, which is why some data is missing in some parts of the world.

Google said the new mosaic was developed from a plethora of data that has over 700 trillion pixels. Google can use this imagery, as the USGS is working with NASA to ensure the Landsat information is open source so anybody can use.

All satellite images can be retrieved through the Earth Engine application programming interface – allowing scientists to study large-scale worldwide changes of the environment and the spread of disease. Google can also be used for simple purposes, and layman folk using the Google Maps and Google Earth programs are sure to enjoy the latest images.