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Samsung still has many handsets to upgrade to Android Marshmallow, although Nougat is just around the corner. But some of the flagships that run on the latest firmware have been experiencing all kinds of issues and Samsung has to release beta updates, including two for July, but there are still many bugs that users are facing.

We’ll start with the Galaxy Note 5 users, who are dealing with issues related to battery drains, lags with the Gear VR, Wi-Fi connections and download speeds. Marshmallow is reaching more and more devices and other users are reporting different kinds of issues. On some units, Bluetooth and Voicemail seem to be the most affected features.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are experiencing sync issues and battery drains, and sometimes, the devices refuse to wake up after they’ve been locked. Other known issues are related to applications such as Chrome and Amazon, which should be fixed with the regular updates.

The Galaxy S6 lineup was not exempted from problems. After users have upgraded to Marshmallow, they’ve had the same issues as the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 users, and they’ve also reported problems that had to do with Doze mode, some applications and boot loops.

The most affected Samsung device seems to be the Note 4 and many users have complained about freezes, installation errors, reboot cycles, lags, battery drains and performance issues related to the aforementioned applications Amazon and Chrome.

Android Marshmallow caused many troubles and Google and Samsung have regularly released monthly security updates for each smartphone. Some of the bugs have been fixed, but there are still many issues that are bothering users.

Do you own any of the Samsung devices we’ve told you about above? Have you experienced serious issues with Android Marshmallow? Give us a few examples of bugs that you’ve dealt with.