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The end of Adobe Flash Player is getting closer and closer, as Google has already confirmed that it will stop supporting this software once the Chrome version 53 will be released.

Anthony Laforge, the Flash curator for Chrome, said that over 90% of web loads run Flash behind the scenes. This Flash content is running functions such as page analytics which means that it will leave the user more vulnerable to security threats.

HTML5 Is The Alternative For Adobe Flash Player

There are already a good amount of big companies that have switched to HTML5 and it seems that this will be the application that will replace the old Adobe Flash Player. According to reports, the HTML5 is more secure, it consumes less power and it also reduces the page load times.

Google has confirmed that starting from December 2016, Google Chrome version 53 will set the HTML5 as the default experience, as it wants to make sure that the users of this browser will navigate faster and securely.

While there are still users who think that this is a bad idea, we assure you that the old Adobe Flash Player has too many bugs and security issues and you will surely want your personal data to be protected.

Other Browsers Have Started Ditching Adobe Flash Player

Chrome is not the only browser that has decided to ditch Adobe Flash Player in favor of HTML5. We remind you that, last month, Mozilla Firefox has also blocked the use of Flash on its web pages. At the same time, Alex Stamos, the chief security officer at Facebook, has requested Adobe to set a date when it will discontinue the support for Flash Player in order to give time for the developers of other software (that rely on Adobe Flash Player) to get prepared for the HTML5.

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