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Most people are accustomed to the globe, which gives them an idea of what the planet actually looks like. However, there’s another tool – a more useful one – called Google Earth. The Google Earth app has been around for quite some time, but there recently some improvements made to it. The problem is that many people still have not experienced the good things it can do.

The app helps people see the world using their computer or mobile device.

Google Earth is useful for many business and educational industries. It allows them to locate, track and watch real-time data for any area of the world. There was a time that doing this would cost a person $399 to access the Pro side of Google Earth. Today, this Pro feature is completely free.

Why should a person download Google Earth? There are actually several reasons – useful ones – that make it a worthwhile app.

Golden Hour

This feature watches the sun’s movement. It’s ideal for photographers who use natural light to get that amazing picture.

Follow Your World

With this feature, people can attain current pictures and videos for any location they’d like to visit. It’s useful for people who are moving to a new location or are going on a vacation.

Weather Predictor

People who like to know about the weather can use the Weather Predictor feature. It provides the latest photos and satellite feed that will make people aware of an impending storm so they can take precautions and stay safe.

The latest version of Google Earth is, which is free to download. The 7.0 version is noted to have a number of fixes and new features. The app can be downloaded for Mac, Linux and Windows. They can attain the free or paid versions, which have varying options in them.