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If you’ve just arrived at the idea of buying a gaming console, and you’re fixed on buying an Xbox, then you might tackle with an important issue: do you buy the Xbox One or the Xbox One S? Microsoft has recently released the Xbox One S that is an updated version of the veteran Xbox One, that is also a little bit pricier. If you’re not too sure if the extra features are worth the extra money, keep on reading the next comparison between the two and decide for yourself which one is the better choice.

We could stand here and talk about how the design on the Xbox One S is more slick, or how the controller is more comfortable, but while both those things are true, we know performance is what you’re most interested in. Or at least we think you should be.

First of all, the Xbox One S is rocking the 4K resolution we’ve all been waiting for, Microsoft finally upping the display resolution to 3840×2160 pixels. Not only your games will look great in this new resolution, but Netflix TV Shows too, because now they can be seen in Ultra HD. The 4K Blu-ray player Microsoft integrated with the One S, might be the best reason for you to pay the extra money.

The new version of Xbox is also packed with a slightly better graphics processing unit, as well as a faster CPU. We hear Microsoft doesn’t want to advertise a power difference between the two, but recent tests on the two consoles say that games that have unlocked frame rates perform significantly better on the newer Xbox. The Xbox One S has a 7 to 11 percent advantage with this type of games compared to the Xbox One.

If you think that a newer console will bring you better games that maybe won’t appear on the other, Microsoft has assured everyone that both the Xbox One and the Xbox One S will receive the same games.