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After releasing the Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has started to gradually stop supporting the Windows Phone. Well, it seems that Skype will stop working on Windows Phone and this will next year.

Microsoft has officially announced that it will end support for Skype on Windows Phone starting from October 2016 and the application will stop functioning on the mentioned operating system starting from early 2017.

Microsoft has already confirmed that the future of Skype is cloud-based and not peer-to-peer. This means that the main reason why the Skype support for Windows Phone is heading to a complete stop.

Let’s not forget that Microsoft has invested a good amount of money in its Skype application and the decision to kill the application entirely on an operating system is quite strange. However, let’s not forget that even if the application will not be supported on Windows Phone starting from this fall, it will continue to function on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 until the beginning of 2017. Even if the Skype application will keep working on the Windows Phone OS until early 2017, there are high chances that it will work with some limitations.

There are a good amount of people who are using Skype application everyday. This means that they will be forced to change their mobile devices or they will lose access to one of their favorite applications. We have to agree that there are also a good amount of VoIP applications out there, but Skype is surely one of the most used ones. In addition, the applications work on both computers and mobile devices, meaning that you are able to call someone that has Skype installed on his mobile device from your computer.

Do you own a mobile device that runs on Windows Phone? Will you change it in order to be able to keep using the Skype application?

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