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As Samsung is preparing for a big launch in these following days – the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – it also found time to present and promote its upcoming Z2 smartphone in a very simple video.

According to the video, the Samsung Z2 will support 4G LTE and will come with a UDSM – ultra data saving mode. It will also feature an app called My Money Transfer which will – you’ve guessed it – allow users to transfer money to various other users. However, the money transfer app is only available to Indian users. Another interesting feature of the Z2 is the fact that it allows users to adjust the flashlight brightness.

The video doesn’t say much about the actual specs, except for the fact that the handset will be powered by a quad core 1.5 GHz CPU and that it will have a rather unimpressive 5 MP rear camera. However, that rear camera has an auto selfie mode and a beauty mode which we assume will make any selfie look great.

However, there are several rumors about the device’s specs and here is an overview.

Rumored specs for Samsung Galaxy Z2

Supposedly, the device will feature a 3.97 inch LCD touchscreen display that renders images at 800 x 480 px in resolution. It is also suggested that it will sport a 1.5 GHz chipset – which has proven to be true given the info provided by the video. In terms of space, it’s believed to have 1 GB or RAM and 8 GB of native storage space. As for the battery, it will have a 1.500 mAh one that won’t keep it powered for too long.

Supposedly, it will run Tizen 2.0 and has many connectivity options among which LTE, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. The Z2 was also rumored have two cameras: a 5MP rear one and a VGA front one, but so far, according to the video, only the 5 MP one has been confirmed.

A while back, the device was rumored to feature a 4.5 inch display and a small 2.000 mAh battery with a quad core CPU of unknown GHz.