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As we all know, the race for which carrier implements the lasted OS updates faster is approaching as the Android 7.0 Nougat is nearing its release date. Now, according to Samsung, its most recent phablet – the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – could get the latest Google A. Nougat within two or three months after its release.

At the moment, the Note 7 is in beta testing for the upcoming OS updates (Nougat Included) and its representatives have stated that they aim to build a stable platform for their users.

Now, as to what concerns the actual release date of the OS, we only have a suggested timeframe – from August to September 2016 – but no clear official date. What is certain is that the Nougat OS is in its preview stage and that it’s being tested by the public and developers in order to find whatever bugs it might have and to report them to Google so that it will begin fixing them.

Based on the time frame for release indicated by Google, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could have it implemented as soon as October or November.

But updating to Android Nougat in only two months’ time is not the only great thing about the upcoming phablet. In a South Korean press conference, Samsung President Koh Dong Jin said that a 128 GB version of the device is in the works but it is meant only for the users in China. This would be in line with the recent practice of various Chinese mobile manufacturing companies that promote the purchasing of handsets with higher storage capabilities.

Koh also stated that Samsung will continue to adapt to the very different needs found on each market and that it will respond by manufacturing localized products that will either have different memory versions or different color versions.

Right now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is available for pre-sale in the following color variants: gold platinum, silver titanium, blue coral and black onyx. It is also scheduled to hit the carrier stores on the 19th of August in the US and on the 9th of September in Europe.