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Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has started banning all players who are using cheats while playing this game. It seems that there are a good amount of gamers who are using bots, GPS spoofing and other software.

For example, the GPS spoofing allows you to trick your smartphone to believe that you are located in a different area, which means that you are able to catch Pokémon even if you stay at home. On the other hand, bots will be able to catch Pokémon for you, which means that you just need to be somewhere in the area where is a Pokémon and the bot will do all the work for you.

Niantic said that in order to provide a fun, legitimate and fair game experience for everyone, it will keep continue its work in order to improve the quality of the game. This includes the fine tuning of the anti-cheating system that the game already has, but it is not functioning as good as the developers have hoped.

Using Pokémon Go Bot Will Get You Permanently Banned

For now, it’s not sure how Niantic will be able to detect the use of bots, emulators, GPS spoofing and other tools that the gamers are using to “trick” this game. According to reports, there are already a good amount of gamers who have received various levels of bans. However, since now the developer has threaten the players that they will be banned from the Pokémon Go if they are found cheating, it will surely make some of them to stop using these nasty tools.

We think that Niantic will wait for a few days and, after that, it will start banning a good amount of players. We suggest you to stop using the hacking tools or you might lose all hours of “work” that you’ve done in this game until now.

What are your thoughts about hack tools? Have you use any hack tools while playing Pokémon Go?