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Microsoft has just released the 2TB variant of the Xbox One S console, while the Sony PlayStation Neo is expected to arrive in September. These are not successors to the PS 4 and Xbox One, which turned three years old, as they bring only minor improvements. On the other hand, the Project Scorpio is expected to be released next year and it will handle 1080p console games, while some of them will be played with HDR and pseudo-4K resolution. The PlayStation Neo will deliver 2160p gameplay at 60 frames per second, but let’s see how all three consoles stack against each other.

Hardware Specs

The PS Neo will be powered by eight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GHz, which will be backed by 36 “improved” GCN compute units at 911MHz and 8GB GDDR5 at 218GB/s. This configuration will allow the console to support a 4K gaming capacity at 55+ FPS in native 2160p resolution.

The Scorpio is rumored to feature an eight-core processor that will be paired with a 8GB graphics memory, so it will be pretty similar to the PS Neo, only that it will have a superior memory bandwidth at 320GB/s, compared to 218GB/s – which is offered by the PS Neo. Moreover, the upcoming Scorpio console will have 6 teraflops, outperforming the Neo, which will have only 4.14 TFLOPS.

The Xbox One S is weaker than the two consoles, but it has a more efficient processor and faster GPU compared to the Xbox One. Digital Foundry has noticed that some games with unlocked frame rates performed between 7 and 11 percent better on the new console, and the difference between 40 and 46 fps was significant.

4K and HDR Gaming

This part interests all gamers, as they are looking forward to play games in 4K and HDR. Both the PS Neo and Xbox Scorpio have been confirmed to deliver high-level 4K gaming, but the Xbox One S won’t be a native resolution 4K gaming console, but it will simulate this resolution through pixel splicing technology.

Pricing and Release Dates

The PS Neo will hit the stored on September 7th, the 2TB variant of the Xbox One S is already available for sale and it costs $399, but when it comes to Scorpio, Microsoft hasn’t offered any official statement yet.