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Skype is a reliable tool for calling and sending messages with people having the same medium all around the planet. However, there are instances that you just couldn’t predict and all of a sudden your Skype just won’t work.

Take note that problems about Skype couldn’t be on your end all the time. Sometimes, there are issues regarding this service that can be on the other end of the line. Perhaps your partner has configured the service incorrectly. Thus, you end up frustrated no matter what you do. But before you lose your temper, here are some easy fixes that you can do when you run into a problem with this messaging app.

  • Check the Heartbeat Page

The first thing that you need to do when you run into a connection problem is to check the heartbeat page of Skype. Here, you can access the page by tapping the Help menu and then selecting Heartbeat, which is a Skype status. You can also visit their website from your browser.

This method will allow your app to inform the status of the system. The problem that has been causing this issue should be displayed on this page. The issue can be fixed by Skype and you need to reconnect on another time.

  • Check Audio Settings

Microphones and speakers can be tested from the Audio Settings in Skype. This can be found at the Options window as you can open it by tapping Tools and Options option. You can speak into the mic and you can see the green bar that moves if your mic is okay. If ever it doesn’t move and you don’t hear any sound, you can fix it by choosing another microphone device from the dropdown box.

  • Check Audio Hardware

When checking the Audio Settings has not been a success, you need to examine the hardware itself. You may notice that some headsets and microphones have some sliders and switches along the cords. If possible, try to move the slider and flip the switch to check if there are developments on the audio.

  • Test the Video Settings

If you have problems with the camera, you can configure that from the Video settings option. So, even if you have a webcam but it still doesn’t allow you to see it in the window, you should update your drivers for it. Some drivers are already inside the computer, but some are also downloadable from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Try to Test Call

Once everything has been configured properly, you can try to test a call. You can do this by tapping the “Make a free test call” link that can be seen below the Audio settings pane. You can also add the user name “echo123” to your existing contact list as you can use it to place test calls in there. You will be required to speak into your mic after a certain beep is heard. This will be used to record your call in which you can also hear a playback message.