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A lot of people have raised their complaints regarding the new streaming service of Apple. This one is called the Apple Music. Although there were many customers going for it, some say that they love to see a few things fixed. In fact, the fans have encountered some issues about glare, bizarre design and irritating features. These have reportedly been causing the fuzz among its customers. Here are some of the common fixes that you can do when you run into problems with this service.

  • Separate Apple Music from iTunes

This new streaming service should be independent in which you should use a different app for your tracks. If you have downloaded tracks, it is essential to keep it inside iTunes so that all music can be in one place.

If Apple needs to keep Apple Music to be its main app for playing music, it should get rid of iTunes so that problems regarding music compatibility issues will be resolved.

  • Playlists Should be Made Social and Searchable

Currently, Apple Music lacks the social feature that the community should take advantage of. Despite the fact that it curates playlists amazingly, sharing some custom playlists with friends over the Web can be a problem.

  • There Should be a Web Experience

Great news about Apple Music is that it can be accessed on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices, which makes it an interesting cross-platform software pieces that Apple ever created. The only problem is that it can’t be accessible online. There is no Web component that has been installed to Apple Music. Although it has some limited support for Facebook, it surely is not enough. Thus, it must be one with other streaming services over the Web.

  • iTunes Match Must be Fixed

The problem with iTunes Match is that it is continually mismatching the song versions. For some instances, iTunes was able to match the incorrect version of a particular file. It is understandable that Apple wants to have iTunes Match because it can save some server space. However, this has been causing tons of complaints from fans. Thus, the company should be able to remove iTunes Match if it want to keep its consumer base.

  • Keeping the Discovery in Front

The “For You” section is referred to as the best part of the Apple Music app. So if you use a lot of iTunes or Apple music, you can get relevant recommendations in a form of albums and playlists. The good thing is that it gets better every time. The only flaw is that it tends to be buried only on the desktop.

  • Bugs Should be Resolved

Bugs are prevalent in Apple Music, according to users. These bugs are mostly based on the uploaded music that goes in conflict with the ones added to your Apple Music library. Sometimes, it can happen to the playlists while at some instances it can happen to downloaded files that must be for offline uses. The cloud that Apple uses seems to have issues, but the most part that can be very frustrating is the area where music has been messed up pretty badly.

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