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Microsoft released the Surface Pro 4 in 2015 and features the new Windows 10 operating system; the same OS that incorporates Xbox Live. In addition to this, users can install Steam and review tests proved that it’s possible to play games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive with a playable 50fps.

The latest Surface Pro tablet-laptop hybrid is certainly good for gaming however it does have some limitations; it can’t play high-end or most recent blockbuster games. It’s a shame this is the case but it’s certainly a powerful device which gamers should take advantage of the next time they need a laptop upgrade.

Considering this is still a tablet-laptop hybrid, it’s important to have a good controller or a mouse and luckily Steam and Microsoft have good controllers just for this; the Steam controller works perfectly with Steam games. The latest controller being shipped with the Xbox One S uses bluetooth and can be wirelessly linked to a PC for gaming with both Steam and Windows 10.

More games will become available for Surface Pro 4 owners and gamers can expect to see more accessories being released for the device; as Windows 10 and the added Xbox Live feature continue to be developed, players should expect to be able to play more games through Xbox Live.

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