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Apparently everybody is so anxious to get their hands on the upcoming phablet from Samsung that the high demand for the pre orders actually delayed its official launch. So if that many people want it so bad, maybe those of you that have mixed feeling about getting it should think again.

However, the launch hasn’t been delayed everywhere in the world, only in a few select countries where the demand was ‘outstanding’. If some of you happen to be in one of those countries, the situation is not that dire, because the launch has only been delayed by a week, from the 2nd of September to the 9th of September.

Another problem that some of those eager to get their hands on the device in Russia and Ukraine might face is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note  won’t be shipped to their country until the 16th of September (Russia) and the 30th of September (Ukraine).

The same problem goes for Malaysia, which seems to be experiencing some type of international constraint in terms of meeting demands, but the reasons are unknown.

These are the countries with the delayed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch so far, but it should come as no surprise if more delayed launches surface in the coming days.

The best situation seems to be in the US, where the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is scheduled hit the stores on the 19th of August. Moreover, it’s already up for pre-ordering and many are interested.

All of this indicates that Samsung did not anticipate the success that its brand new phablet might have and, as a result, did not prepare for it. Of course, it’s great that the phablet is in such high demand, but it’s a huge annoyance when major tech giants have to delay shipments or launches and overall not stick to their official schedules.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the latest phablet from Samsung, its predecessor being the Samsung Note 5. The reason why it doesn’t have a ‘6’ in its name is because Samsung wanted it to be more in line with the Samsung Galaxy S7 series.