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While Niantic still hasn’t released a Windows Phone version of the cultural phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, fans have been hard at work porting the game back to Windows 10 mobile devices.

The previous app was blocked when Niantic increased their security to stop third-party tracking sites from accessing the game; the company claimed that it was putting additional strain on their servers which prevented them from releasing the game in Brazil.

The new Windows 10 app is named PoGo-UWP and cannot be installed easily like with other versions of the game; to install the game players need to follow a specific set of instructions and download the files directly to the phone.

For this to work however, the player needs to create a Pokemon Trainer account which can only be created from the iOS or Android version of the game.

This Windows 10 app is currently in beta and is still being actively developed; it’s expected that Niantic will block the app again in the future however the team is dedicated to making the game accessible to Windows Phone users.