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A new update was released for Pokemon Go yesterday and Niantic have started to unveil their new tracking feature which replaces the footsteps which were removed in the last patch; this new feature has not been implemented fully into the game and a very small number of players have access to this.

The system replaces the “Nearby” tracking system with a “Sightings” system instead; this system shows the player exactly where the Pokemon can be found.

It shows the exact location of where the Pokemon is and the player can tap on the image icon to enlarge it for a better view; this system also seems to place a marker on the map telling the player where to go. According to reports, this system only works for Pokemon close to PokeStops and places less strain on the servers as it doesn’t need to constantly request for data.

Niantic have not provided an official release date for this feature however, all players should expect to see this new tracking system appearing on their phones soon.

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