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The PlayStation 4 Neo was revealed earlier this year and the highly anticipated console will be much more powerful than the current PS4; this console is also being orientated toward VR games and the PlayStation VR headset.

Sony is now expected to officially reveal the consoles in September; rumors now suggest that the company is revealing their consoles September 7th. It’s thought that Nintendo will be revealing the Nintendo NX on September 12th during the Tokyo Games Show.

The PS4 Neo will be revealed alongside the PlayStation 4 Slim; these consoles are expected to be released this year to co-inside with the release of the PlayStation VR headset. Considering the PS4 Neo is a VR focused console, this would make sense. It’s still uncertain if Sony will release both consoles together considering that the PlayStation 4 Neo will be more powerful that the original PS4 design.

Gamers can expect to see more news about the upcoming consoles as September comes closer.