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Nvidia has recently announced that they have quit the plans for a new Shield Tablet. Rumor had it that they were planning another upgrade for this particular series, but the company announced that “for business reasons”, they canceled it.

Besides for the above formulation, nobody received any particular reason for which the company decided to cease the production of a successor for the Shield Tablet. The announcement is just months before Nintendo plans to release their new NX console, which supposedly has hardware similar to the one that was intended for the Shield Tablet.

The Shield series was first introduced in 2013 along with the launch of Shield Portable, which was a gaming console with an analog controller and an interesting touchscreen display that could be flipped up. It ran on a Tegra 4 system, also developed by Nvidia, and had a Console Mode that let you connect it to a high-res TV. This made a cool gaming experience and fans were happy with it.

The next version came up in 2014, when Nvidia released the Shield Tablet, a console powered by Android games which offered a bigger screen resolution for the touchscreen, plus a controller that could be detached. The original version though has been recalled because of some safety concerns.

In 2015, Nvidia issued a new version of the console, called Shield Tablet K1, which brought identical specs, but a lower price for retailers. However, despite all these efforts, Nvidia didn’t reach a huge success with these consoles. They didn’t offer much in comparison to the other consoles on the market, which might lead to the recent decision. This, combined with the high price for Shield Tablet and a small battery that would drain fast, might represent an explanation for the cancellation of the entire series.