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This year has been a great one for console manufacturing companies. We’ve seen the launch of an improved Xbox One, entitled Xbox One S from Microsoft and there’s even an impressive Xbox Scorpio in the making. Sony is also getting ready to launch the PlayStation Neo, an improved version of the PS4 console.

And now is the time for Nintendo to re-enter the console market with something new, and that is the Nintendo NX which is nearing its launch date. The console was announced in March 2015 and it’s only now that gamers have found out about the patent applications that Nintendo made for the device.

Apparently, according to a long patent text, the upcoming Nintendo NX console will feature the Housing, the Movable Operation Section and a Movable Portion of the console. The patent report also features schematics, for those of you who would like to get a better picture of what is coming.

One of those patents features an adaptation of a conventional accessory for the console which will also add a new function to the actual console. More precisely, an external controller will be connected to a connector that belongs to the controller of a game device. While it may sound complicated, you should know that it will enable gamers to do a variety of game operations when using those two types of controllers.

GameNGuide has explained the whole thing like this: basically it connects a physical controller to a tablet and the players don’t use the surface of the tablet to play the game, but instead get an extra physical controller which can be removed whenever it’s not needed. Something like that.

The Nintendo NX is expected to be announced officially at a Nintendo even that will take place next month. You should also know that while this patent report exists, it doesn’t mean that Nintendo hasn’t applied for a different patent in the meantime. So the final version of the console may be very different from what we can see in those schematics. It could be even better, because Sony and Microsoft are making this competition fierce.