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Some Nintendo patents have recently hit the online world, to many fans’ happiness, and some of them actually hint to the fact that the upcoming console, Nintendo NX, will incorporate gesture support. These patents were apparently first seen on NeoGAF, and they seem oddly similar to another report that was published last month on Eurogamer.

In one of the documents, we can see that the NX is shown as a device that can be detached for a console held in hand. In fact, the console itself is rumored to be like this. One of the images depicts an accessory that resembles a controller that can be plugged into another device, which most likely is the console itself.

The images that have been released online confirm what the rumors were saying about the design of the upcoming device. People were speculating for quite a while that the controllers of the Nintendo NX will be detachable and that it would be based on cartridges for playing and storing games. Nintendo hasn’t given the official confirmation yet, but most likely they will say something before the official release of the system in March next year.

Another patent shows how Nintendo is planning to introduce the gesture control support that might eliminate the controllers altogether. Moreover, it seems that the console will include an infrared camera that will be used in order to track movements. These will be further translated into the game and into the user interface.

However, we will still have to wait some time before we receive the official confirmation for the console from the Nintendo company. Fans are still hoping for more information until the end of this year, or 2017 the latest. Rumors keep circulating, and from the leaks and speculation we got, it’s clear that the next device will be a very interesting one.