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Gamers have been waiting for ages to try out the VR version of Minecraft, and it seems that next week they will finally have to chance to do so. Though this version was supposed to be launched sometime later this year, the company made a very surprising move, quite unusual in gaming, and moved it up. This is contrary to the current trend of postponing long-awaited games or software editions, like many other companies do.

Tommaso Checchi, who works as a lead designer on the smartphone versions and Windows 10, recently revealed the good news. He posted about it on Twitter, saying that though they announced the support for Rift to become available later on, they changed their mind and are going to make it available starting next week.

Though he did not mention an exact release date, people are sure that more information about this is going to appear. The company announced that they were working on a VR upgrade for the game since March. Fans will get the same great features just like they enjoyed on the rest of the platforms, except they will now seem more realistic with the VR mode.

However, there is also a quite sad part to this. Minecraft VR will only be limited to Oculus Rift for now. Nobody believes though that they are not planning to extend it to other VR platforms that are currently available, such as PlayStation VR or HTC Vive. For the moment, you can enjoy the game on the last generation and the current generation consoles, not to mention the PCs and mobile devices.

Needless to say, the entire community is anxiously waiting and circulating rumors about the upcoming VR version for Minecraft. No wonder that there is some kind of pressure on the team to deliver their best content for this game.