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Rumors about GTA 6 have been circulating more and more recently, and you can’t say that Rockstar Games dislike all the attention they’re getting. The company that owns Rockstar Games, Take Two, showed that the main contributors for their $311.6 million revenue were Battleborn, NBA 2K16 and GTA 5.

GTA 5 alone earned more than 800 million worldwide. Reports have shown that the game sold 11.21 million copies and Rockstar also shipped 29 million copies, which could count as the most successful release in the digital world in the history of the PlayStation Store.

There’s no wonder that after such a huge success, the company is working hard on bringing up new materials for the upcoming GTA 6. Soon, the company is said to reveal some of the projects they are working on and some people believe that GTA 6 has high chances of being released next year. Many fans are anxiously waiting for the GamesCon 2016 event, where they assume that the company is going to officially announce the status of the game and maybe even a release date.

Another rumor that is circulating the web regarding the future game is the possibility of a VR development. This would mean kicking the gaming market up a notch, since the user experience will become even more realistic, offering at the same time something new to look up to.

Despite all the speculations though, there have also been some reports showing that the company is currently focusing more on other projects they intend to complete before releasing the GTA 6. One of their current projects that seems more likely to receive an update is Red Dead Redemption, which has reached its second installment. Even so, hope dies last for GTA fans, and they are all waiting for the official announcement.