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This Monday AMD just released a driver for Radeon Software Crimson Edition, v16.8.1. This new driver brings up some new features, such as the fact that now it supports RX 470 and 460 cards. Moreover, a new profile for AMD Crossfire is now available for F1 2016. But what’s great besides the new features is the fact that the team took care of lots of problems and issues that appeared.

When it comes to gaming, the driver came with a fix for a crash that occurred in Overwatch and when the game was run on different Radeon RX 480 cards, but only in the Crossfire Mode. Also in Crossfire there was an issue with The Division. What happened was that in configurations that ran on low resolutions there was some poor scaling. DOTA 2 players encountered some issues too when playing, since the performance was lower than they would expect.

The team also took care of the low frame rates and stuttering that appeared when people tried to run Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on a Radeon RX 480 card. AMD resolved another problem with the memory overclock that was too low for the Radeon WattMan and the Radeon RX 480 models. Radeon Settings did not report accurately the API information and the Vulcan driver, and there were lots of crashes with the old driver whenever players enabled hardware acceleration during gaming.

Thankfully, AMD took care of all these issues and much more. Radeon Settings sometimes failed to update the drivers until this new driver was rolled on. However, the team said that there still might be some issues with a couple of games for PC when they launch. For the moment, they suggest the players to load the desktop client and simply disable the overlay.