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Everybody is thrilled about the next generation consoles and their release. In fact, both giants Microsoft and Sony are getting ready for the release of Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 Neo.

Regarding the specs, Project Scorpio from Xbox One will offer an octa-core CPU that has a memory bandwidth of more than 320 GB/s. It also packs 6 teraflops of CPU and can bring you 4K VR and gaming, which is definitely an asset and a step forward in technology. On the other hand, PS4 Neo has a 2.1 GHz clock speed and a better GPU than its predecessors.

Everybody seems to believe that both consoles will support VR and 4K gaming. However, if you believe some of the reports out there, Xbox One Scorpio is not one of the best consoles to do that. It runs on a 5.9 TF card, so offering a 4K experience seems less plausible. Even so, the CPU performance helps in offering a great VR experience. At the same time, PS4 Neo doesn’t seem to rise up to the expectation of delivering 4K in a smooth manner.

The initial release date for Xbox One Scorpio was intended to be somewhere in the beginning of this year. Sadly though, Microsoft announced that they will postpone it until the summer of 2017, which is one more year until we get to enjoy their console. The price has not been announced yet, just like the price or release date for PS4 Neo. Rumor has it though that we will see Neo released sometime in October.

Phil Spencer, who works at Xbox Division, declared that a full experience of Scorpio can only be achieved if you have a 4K TV. This being said, you might want to save up both for a new TV and the Scorpio that will be released next year.