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Viber is a very popular chatting app, that works great for people which need to communicate overseas and don’t want to get the expensive international pack from phone carriers. If you’re looking to talk to someone outside of your country and haven’t tried Viber yet, you should try it. Especially now that the developers are rolling up the app to iOS, Android and Windows.

Viber was just recently released for Windows Phone users, and is already thought to receive another update very soon. We’re talking here about the 6.2 version of the app, that is already available to Android and iOS. The developers are very open to the public and are set to help them achieve their best experience with the app, and reports say that when a user complained about a certain feature, the team replied saying that the 6.2 update will come with a fix.

If you look on their website, you can even see there that the 6.2 version of the app is already released to all three operating systems, although there haven’t been any notifications for updating the app from Windows users. However, if they’ve updated the info on the website, surely the app will start updating on Windows Phones worldwide.

So, if you’re a Windows user and are curious to what the new update of Viber brings out, there are mostly updates regarding stickers. You can now preview the stickers you want to send, as well as share any pack of stickers with anyone. The update fixes the app’s tendency to crash when having a lot of short texts sent in a very short period of time as well. If you have hidden chats, Viber adds a notification icon to those.

A lot of people have been asking for a specific theme from Viber, a dark theme, but as we can see with updates on Android and iOS, there is no proof of that happening yet. Maybe with a special update for Windows – although we’re not so sure about that, since the 6.2 update seems to even out the features available on the three different operating systems.