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A few days ago, Facebook has announced that it will start showing ads in desktop browser for people who are currently using any ad blocking software. Currently, Adblock Plus is one of the most used ad blocking tools out there, being downloaded over 500 million times.

Well, the developers of Adblock Plus have answered to Facebook’s “threats” right away, saying that it is offering a workaround for all Adblock Plus users. In other words, the company that’s developing this ad blocking tool has found a solution that allows users of this application to still block Facebook ads.

How To Update Filters On AdBlock Plus

In Firefox:

  • Press ALT+Tools and select Options->Extensions->Adblock Plus->Filter Preferences
  • Now right click on “EasyList” and select Update Filters.

In Chrome:

  • Click on the Chrome Menu Button and select Tools->Extensions
  • Search for Adblock Plus and click on the “Options” button
  • Finally click the “Update Now” button.

In Opera:

  • Click the “Menu” button (or “Tools” button if you are using Linux or Mac OS X) and select Extensions->Manage Extensions
  • Search for Adblock Plus, click on the small icon that’s located to the right side and select “Preferences”
  • Finally, click the “Update Now” button.

Keep in mind that the filter will automatically get updated, but in order to make sure that your Adblock Plus filter is updated, we suggest you to take the steps we’ve told you above.

We are pretty sure that Facebook will try again to stop ad blocker tools on its social media website, but the developers of these tools will always find a way to make them function.

Are you using Adblock Plus on your browser? Will you keep using this tool even if Facebook will find a way to stop it on its social media website?