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No one wants to get an error message, regardless of how polite it is delivered. So an error message on Android that says “Unfortunately WeChat Has Stopped”, is not an exception. After all, it means the application no longer works properly. If it happens when you seriously need to send a chat message or call someone, the more unfortunate the situation becomes.

There are many reasons why the error suddenly pops up. If you take the time to research the error code that comes with the message, then you’ll know what’s behind the problem. WeChat error code process, for example, has something to do with the code you need to use during registration. It is possible that the verification process wasn’t very successful.

But who would want to research about error codes? Most people would want the fix, pronto! There are several solutions to the problem.

How to Fix “Unfortunately WeChat has stopped” Error

Clear cache

  1. Open settings on your Android device.
  2. Top on the More tab.
  3. From the list opened, tap on Application Manager.
  4. Select All Application
  5. Search for WeChat and then tap on the app.
  6. Select Clear Application Cache > Clear data.
  7. Force close the WeChat application. Restart your Android device.

Open WeChat again and see if the error still appears. If you still receive the very unfortunate message, follow the next solution.

Uninstall, then Reinstall WeChat

  1. Uninstall WeChat like you would any other application.
  2. Download the latest version. This will ensure a fresh and updated install.
  3. Once download is complete, wait for the installation process to start and finish.
  4. Open the application and try again.

It is unfortunate that you can’t back up your chat messages or app history if WeChat stops working entirely. So make sure to regularly back up the app if there are important messages you want to save. Do this upon first install or after repair.

Removing WeChat and then reinstalling it should be a last resort. But if the problem still persists, you still have a last Last Resort.

Soft reset

It is possible that your device has become slow, causing a crash or apps not behaving properly. So give it a kick by doing a soft reset. Turn off your Android device and remove the battery. Wait for a few seconds before returning it in place. Turn on the device and launch WeChat again.

When all else fails, perform a factory reset. Then, get back lost WeChat messages even with no backup.

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