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Gamers worldwide, gather round, take out your wallets and set a reminder for this autumn, because Sony just announced more about their next release. According to the most recent news, Sony PS4 Neo will get to see the light of the day (in one way or another) on September 7. On that day an event is going to take place in New York at the PlayStation Theater at 3 PM ET.

Though Sony did not announce more information about the upcoming console, they did say they are planning to share some more details about this subject. However, it’s not clear whether by this they referred to specs or price and exact release date. Ever since March rumors have been circulating about the next PS console that received the code name “Neo”.

In April, we all saw the rise of rumors and speculations about a $399 price and super-developed specs, such as a better GPU, higher bandwidth and a bigger clock speed. This summer, Sony Interactive Entertainment, through its representative Andrew House, confirmed the work in progress on a complementary device for the classic PS4.

As of this fall, the developers at Sony should be launching games that have a base mode for the standard PS4 and a Neo mode that will be more suitable for the upgraded console specs. Though they will not create new games that will work only on the Neo console, they can develop upgrades that will make the existing games compatible with Neo.

In October we will also see the release of the VR headset developed by Sony, so it’s necessary that both the old and the new version of the PS4 support it. The competitor Microsoft released last week the Xbox One S, which is sleeker and more powerful than the previous model, so it remains to be seen what top specs Sony will bring to the table.