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The Pokémon Company has released a new trailer of the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon game that will be released for Nintendo 3DS in November 2016. The new trailer is revealing some new creatures, variations of existing ones and, of course, the nasty Team Skull.

The new Pokémon is a grass/fairy type named Morelull and two water types named Pyukumuku and Wishiwashi. The latter comes with an ability called “School”, which allows it to become a “mega-fish” after a school of fish forms around it. In the trailer you will also spot the regional variants of Raichu, Marowak and Meowth.

On the other hand, these Alola versions look quite similar, but each one of them come with some new abilities. For example, the Raichu’s Surge Surfer is able to ride its tail like a surfboard while being able to perform an electric attack. You will also see a new character named Plumeria, which is Team Skull’s “big sister”.  In the video you will also notice the big boss of Team Skull which is Guzma.

Take a look at the video below showcasing the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon game:

The Pokémon Sun and Moon game will be released on November 18, 2016 in the US and five days later, on November 23, 2016 it will arrive in the UK. During the E3 2016 event, the developers of the game have showcased the new free-for-all battle mode along with some awesome-looking 3DS models, one featuring Sun/Moon’s Legendaries.

According to reports, the Pokémon Company is expected to reveal more information about this upcoming game sometime in the next few weeks.

Do you own a Nintendo 3DS console? Will you purchase the Pokémon Sun and Moon game once it will be released for this portable game console?