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Not everybody knows this, but four years ago, Niantic, the company that developed Pokemon Go, released a mobile game based on location. The concept is pretty much similar to the one used for Pokemon, making you get out of the house.

The main difference between the two games though is the fact that Ingress has been enjoying four years of usage, while Pokemon Go is not even a month old yet. Even though an accurate comparison cannot be made because of this reason, it is interesting to see how and where are they similar.

Pokemon Go is a free mobile game released for iOS and Android. It is based on the Pokemon game released back in 1996 and it lets people roam around to gather Pokemons (which can be found anywhere) and then battle at gyms. The game only includes the 151 initial Pokemons, just to make you even more nostalgic.

Meanwhile, Ingress is also a free app for iOS and Android. This game though does not focus on you being the best, but rather learning how to work in a team. You will cooperate with half the players on the planet in order to touch your goal: hacking various portals and connect them. Thus you will obtain triangle fields. Those who cover the largest area will win.

You can choose to play both games at the same time if you want, and it’s interesting that somehow they complement each other. For instance, the Pokemon gyms and Pokestops on the map are at the same time portals for Ingress. This is a common point for both communities and you can make new friends from both worlds. Moreover, if you discover Ingress is more exciting, you already know the basics from Pokemon and viceversa, so it wouldn’t be hard for you to adapt to a new game.