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According to both analysts and rumors, Sony is planning to unveil their new consoles in September; these reports state that the company will reveal the PlayStation 4 Slim and also the highly anticipated PS4 Neo.

Both consoles are thought to be released sometime this year for the Christmas holiday period; the PlayStation 4 Slim is expected to be released very soon to counter the release of the Xbox One S, the 2TB version of the new Xbox One console has already sold out.

Rumors also suggest that the PlayStation 4 Neo will also be released this year however, it’s doubtful that Sony would release both consoles so close together. Still, there are reports stating that the company plans to release the consoles alongside each other later this year.

The PlayStation VR headset is due to be released in October and it would make sense for Sony to release one or both consoles at the same time.

PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Neo will be revealed on September 7th at a special press conference and they are expected to be released later this year.