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A new report from Bloomberg says that Apple is planning to bring the MacBook Pro line of laptops back in the customer’s eye with some overall big changes that will hold some competition to high-end laptops. Apparently, the tech giant is planning on thinning out the laptop, as well as offering it a better graphics processing unit, and more. We think Apple is making a great decision trying to invest in this line, because it was overall loved by users – but somehow forgotten for major changes in processors and display.

Another big change Bloomberg said the company will show off on the newest laptop is a touchscreen strip instead of the function keys we’ve seen before on the laptop. The new touch-screen will show off some type of icons that will have different looks for different activities. Apparently, the icons would be something like “Play”, “Pause” and “Stop” when opening iTunes, while in a text modifier, they would turn to “Copy”, “Paste” and “Cut”. We’re not sure yet how this will play out, but it sure sounds like an interesting and original feature from Apple.

The newest smartphones in the game have sensors for blocking from fingerprint to even iris sensors. However, the report said that Apple is thinking of bringing the sensor for fingerprint blocking to the MacBook Pro as well. Some rumors even say that the MacBook Pro is being given three color options: space grey, silver and gold. Lastly, the speculations at this moment say that the MacBook Pro will be given USB-C ports that are used to charge faster.

All of these features sound excellent, but Apple hasn’t confirmed anything regarding the rumors. Their next launching event is rumored to be planned on September 7th, which is quite soon, so it’s not likely for the MacBook Pro to be released then. Some people say not even in 2016, but we guess the laptop is worth the wait, if it’s going to bring out all of these new features.