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Everyone with a Windows powered phone is excited about the newest WhatsApp update for Windows 10. If you want to get the app yourself but are not acquainted with it at all, we’ll give you a few tips on how to use the app in the format of your smartphone.

WhatsApp is a completely free app that allows you to communicate with friends, family and business partners across the globe. The only thing you need to have so you can reach worldwide users is an internet connection. Now let’s get down to seeing how messaging works on Windows 10 and some tricks you never knew about before.

First of all, you can check if your messages were sent or read via what is called a read receipt. This feature is shown in WhatsApp with the use of some checkmarks that mean particular things based on number of checkmarks and their color. You can open up a conversation chat in WhatsApp as you’re reading this, so you can better understand how the read receipt works. Look at your latest message sent to check up if your correspondent has received and read your text.

If one gray checkmark appears on your message, this means the message has been sent, but the person you sent it to doesn’t have an internet connection at the moment and the message was not delivered. If there are two gray checkmarks, the message has been delivered. And if you see two blue checkmarks, this means the person you’re chatting with has seen the message.

Knowing what each of these mean might come in handy when you’re waiting for an urgent reply, or you know, you’re having some relationship problems. However, be aware that disabling the read receipt is an option, which means the equivalent of “seen” in Facebook’s Messenger, the two blue checkmarks, won’t be shown anymore.

Another useful feature WhatsApp has is the fact that you can favorite messages by marking them with a star. You can later go and see all of your favorite messages, with full detail on who’s it from and when it was sent. This is not only a very useful personal feature, but extremely handy if you’re going to do business with the help of WhatsApp.

The way you can favorite a message is by holding the text you’d like to keep. You may then choose the “star” option from the menu window that has appeared on your screen. If you want to get the star back, you can go to the same process to remove the star.