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If you’re a WhatsApp fan, you might enjoy a different app that tops the WhatsApp features with some more – WhatsApp Plus. You need to know, however, that this app was banned from Google Play as for copyright problems, but it is available on other websites on the internet. There is not much risk attached to getting the app yourself, but a lot of advantages to why you should get the WhatsApp Plus over WhatsApp.

While the Facebook-owned app is not very customizable, the WhatsApp Plus application gives you everything you need in this area: a lot of colorful themes so you can choose yourself which way you like to communicate best. You can even change up if you want your profile picture to be a circle, as seen in the original app, or a square.

If you’re looking to send media files even bigger than WhatsApp is able to do, WhatsApp Plus is most definitely the app for you. It doesn’t only let you send bigger files, but even increases the quality of photos sent. Even if the app had some issues reported as crashing when making a call, or the messages not appearing in the notifications – the newest APK v4.25 has fixed both these problems for users to enjoy.

The new version of WhatsApp Plus doesn’t only bring fixes to problems encountered, but even the option of sending files with formats of the XML, ppt, doc and text type. Also, the app being completely free and free of ads is an exceptional advantage.

So, if you find this app quite appealing, you can go online and get it yourself with just a click. But make sure to delete the official WhatsApp application, because the two don’t go well together and it might mess with the installation process. If you already had WhatsApp Plus, don’t forget to go ahead and get the latest version, 4.25 APK, because as you’ve just read, it brings some new features in the mix.