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We have some good news for all WhatsApp users that have this application on their Android or iOS devices. The new WhatsApp version 2.16.8 (iOS) and WhatsApp version 2.16.229 (Android) come with the Voicemail feature.

We remind you that, in the past, you had only the option to leave a text message if a call was unanswered or rejected. Well, thanks to the new Voicemail feature, you will be able to leave a voice message in case you tried to call a WhatsApp user and (s)he didn’t answer your call, by either rejecting it or not answering it.

Using this feature, you will be able to instantly record a voicemail and send it to a WhatsApp user that didn’t answer your call. When someone doesn’t answer your WhatsApp call, you will notice three options: Voice Messages, Call Again or Cancel. If you will select the “Voice Message” icon, you will be able to start recording the message and as soon as you finish it, you will be able to send it right away.

How To Use The Voicemail Feature

  • When someone doesn’t answer your WhatsApp Call, tap on the Voice Message button;
  • Hold down the Voice Message button and start recording the message;
  • When you finish recording the message, lift your finger from the button in order to send the voicemail.

HINT: You can also cancel the message by sliding it to the left.

The Voice Message will be sent to the contact as a record voice note and (s)he will be able to listen to it whenever (s)he wants. It is good to know that this feature comes to WhatsApp a week after the company has included the option to send Olympic rings emoji.

There are also rumors which say that the Video Calling feature will be added to the WhatsApp application sometime in the near future, but this has not been confirmed yet by the developers.

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