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Getting from Point A to Point B can be faster and with lesser hitches, all thanks to Waze. The app from Google is a hit, especially among drivers who cherish the vital information they get from the application, like where traffic is heaviest along your route and a short cut to your destination. It’s no wonder then that many people get frustrated when Waze doesn’t work on their mobile devices. To get it running properly again, here are some tips on how to resolve common issues with another wonder app from Google.

  1. Waze can’t locate your GPS.

You get a message of ‘No GPS – Showing approximate location’ at the top of your screen. According to the Google Support site, you should follow these steps:

For Android

Go to Settings > Location, then make sure the options are turned on. If there is an additional setting of ‘Mode’, tap it, then select ‘High accuracy’. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try to turn on the Assisted GPS feature on your device. Go to Settings > Location & Security. Then check ‘Use GPS Satellites’ and ‘Use Wireless Networks’. You can also reset the Assisted GPS data by using a GPS Status & Toolbox app (or something similar) from the Google Play store.

For iOS

Go to Settings > Privacy, then turn Location Services on, and check if Waze is always set to ‘Always’. If this doesn’t work, try a hard reset by holding the Power and Home button until your device shuts down.

  1. The Waze app crashes during start up.

For those who updated to Waze version 4.0, one of the most common issues is the application crashing when they open it. For this problem, delete the app, do a hard reset, reinstall the app, then try to open it again.

  1. You use Waze to navigate very long distances.

When you use the Google app to find routes cross country or between states, you could end up getting a ‘No route found’ or a ‘Routing server timeout’ error. This is usually because long distances put a lot of weight on the Waze servers. To avoid this problem, break up your route into several segments.

  1. You can’t log in.

It is no longer mandatory to provide an email address and password when registering with Waze. But if you want to retrieve or reset your account details, you need to provide that information, so if you weren’t able to supply those credentials, you won’t have access to your account data. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you provide your email, manually set a password, and sync your contacts with the app by going to the Settings in the app’s Menu.

If you still have issues with the app and still can’t find a way to solve them right away, then try using Google Maps for the meantime. You never know, it could actually work better with your mobile device and have less hitches.