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There are more reports these days about Adobe Flash Player’s problems and the way the Internet world is moving away from the once-popular program. Despite the bad news that’s been tied to AFP, many people still use including developers.

The question though is this: do ordinary web users actually need to download Flash to navigate the web?

Is there any website still using Adobe Flash Player? Yes, there are some websites that have decided to use Flash Player, even if users don’t have the plugin installed on their device. It just means there are some material web users can’t view – animation and videos – and some pages may not be formatted correctly.

Users should also consider if AFP is something they need if certain Internet ads to show up on their device. Companies who want to reach out to their target audience use ads, but many of them are going with HTML 5 instead of Flash so that their ads will work better. Still, some ads do use AFP, which means people won’t be able to download them without the media player.

Another thing users should consider is if they feel confident the AFP plugin isn’t going to result in any security issues for the device. Too often, Flash Player users have become a malware victim after installing fraudulent AFP updates.

Of course, there are all kinds of reasons people use Adobe Flash Player. However, with more and more websites, online content and developers going with HTML 5 to enhance the user experience on the Internet, they won’t miss much if Flash isn’t installed. For users that really do want Flash on their devices, they need to visit the official website of Adobe and make sure to secure their device from possible threats that plague the plugin.