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The Google Chrome web store does not just offer apps, music, videos and books; it also features a large library of browser-based games which can be played for free or purchased just like a mobile game. Many of these games are also available through mobile devices and even consoles or though PC platforms such as Steam.

Most games in the Google Chrome store are not worth playing but there’s a nice group of games that definitely are.

Murder Files – This puzzle game sends the player on a journey to discover who murdered the mayor. It also features a short trial but to get the full game, you’ll need to pay for it.

Treasure Arena – Fight in an online battle arena with up to four players all, the aim is to collect the most coins possible. This game is entirely free and has a lot of active players.

Color Switch – Just like the mobile version, the aim is to get the ball as far as possible through the course. It’s all about surviving for as long as possible and it’s completely free!

Basketball GM – With this strategy game, players take the role of manager for a basketball team and must lead their team to victory by creating a strong roster. It works offline and it’s totally free to play.

Here are some other quality games to check out:

  • HelloRun
  • FreeRider HD
  • Spelunky HTML5
  • Cut the Rope 2
  • Heroes Rise
  • Little Alchemy