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Pokemon Go features team-based gameplay where players join one of three teams and battle at Pokemon Gyms found across the world. To fight at a Gym, the player needs to join a team to fight for; players fight to capture and control Gyms for their own team then place Pokemon to defend it.

While the teams in Pokemon Go have no real impact on gameplay, players have become very protective of their teams and support them outside of the game; some players even create and share propaganda encouraging other players to join their team.


The red team has the legendary bird Moltres as their mascot and the team is led by Candela; part of her statement is about Pokemon battles and being the strongest. This team is known for having some of the strongest Pokemon around and players actively encourage each other to catch as many Pokemon as possible to gain more Candy to raise stronger Pokemon.

Valor has the reputation of being the most ‘hardcore’ team where its players will claim Gyms late at night and aim to control the Gyms situated at some of the most iconic places in the world; the players on this team have a reputation for being fierce and aggressive towards the other teams in the game.

They have an especially strong rivalry with Team Mystic.


Articuno is the legendary bird of ice and the mascot of the blue team; Blanche is the leader of the team and Mystic prioritizes wisdom over everything. They are strategic, interested in the science behind Pokemon and are pushing towards evolution.

Mystic is potentially the most popular team in the game and considers Team Valor to be their rival; considering the team is so popular, it’s only natural that the two teams clash as they both have enough players to dominate Gyms.


The yellow team has the legendary bird Zapdos as their mascot and the leader is Spark; they are all about instinct and allowing Pokemon to be themselves without pushing for victory or evolution. They are considering to be a very peaceful team compared to the other two.

Instinct is the least popular of the three teams and is often the bane of jokes from the other two teams; they are the underdogs of the group but can still pose a threat to the other two teams.