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Ever since the huge success of the Pokemon Go game, there have been lots of tips and tricks on how to catch the best Pokemons. However, if you use cheats they might get detected, and not everything you read online will work, so be careful with that.

One item is particularly important when it comes to being a successful trainer is the incense. Ever since Niantic decided to remove the footstep tracking system with the new update, incense has become really useful. Though it is not as helpful as normal pokeballs and lures, it can provide great results if you use them at the right time.

One useful trick you should take into account is restarting the game when you don’t see any Pokemons around. You should do this by using the incense outside. Also, in order to take full advantage of this strategy, it’s best to go as far as you can from places where usually Pokemons appear.

If you use the incense at home or at work, while stationing, incense will just offer you 1 Pokemon every 5 minutes. If you are walking though, you will get  1 Pokemon every 200 meters, so this depends on how much you’re willing to walk for it.

This tip is used to attract lots of Pokemons, and especially rare ones. You will get the chance to catch Pokemons that don’t usually appear in that particular area. If you want to boost the effect, you can also combine the incense with one Lucky Egg item. This helps you not only to catch Pokemons faster and easier, but it also facilitates your leveling up. The higher your level, the better the catches.

Be careful with using such workarounds though, since if you use some tools as you shouldn’t, you might even get banned.