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Pokemon Go was released at the start of the month and the game has had quite a rocky start; despite this however, the game has still earned $200 million in it’s first 32 days of life. Bugs are rampant in the game however Niantic is slowly fixing the issues as they can and as they appear but some of these are major and could be considered game breaking.


This is without a doubt the biggest issue with the game right now. Tracking in the game has been broken for almost the entire time the game has been available; the footprints system was working throughout the first week of release and broke once the game was released in Europe.

To their credit, Niantic has been hard at work dealing with the issue and have just released a new patch that’s added a new test system to a few user accounts. The new system has replaced the previous broken footprints with one that shows the exact location of Pokemon close to a PokeStop. It shows an image of where the Pokemon can be found and even places a marker on the map to show their exact location.

This new system is not available to all players just yet and until then, the tracking in the game will be broken for quite some time still.

Items not appearing in the account

After purchasing items, they don’t always appear in the account immediately but fixing this issue is relatively simple; it’s just a matter of signing out and logging back into the account. If this doesn’t solve the issue then the player just needs to restart the phone.

Trainer account resets to Level 1

This is quite a common issue after the game is updated; it appears that the account has been wiped however this is not the case. Sometimes this can also be caused by accidentally logging in with the wrong email account or through a different method.

To fix this, just sign out of the game and then log back in. Again, if this doesn’t work then the player just needs to restart the device.

Heavy battery use

This is a very common issue with all Pokemon Go players and right now there is no easy way to get around this. The best ways to try and save battery life are:

  • Turn off AR when catching Pokemon
  • Use Power Saving mode
  • Lower the brightness

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