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Pokemon Go, in case you haven’t heard of it yet, is the game that has taken up the entire gaming world. It is currently available just for Android and iOS, which has been a reason for the dissatisfaction of those who use a Windows 10 device. Thankfully, ST-Apps, a mobile company, started working on a Pokemon Go version that would work as a third-party app for Windows 10. As it seems, this process has been started following a petition that gathered thousands and thousands of signatures. PoGo UWP has been released shortly after that.

Though this third-party app was a great idea for whoever wanted to play the game on Windows 10, the recent update for Pokemon GO ruined it. The API of the UWP was shut down, and now you can’t use it anymore. If you’re ready for more sad news, it seems that the developer, Kaankehh, doesn’t plan to fix the issue and release a new version that will actually work. He posted that the developers are currently analyzing the problem, but they are not sure whether they will manage to solve it or not. Even if they did and got it running again, they are sure that Niantic will continue to include more and more encryptions.

On the GitHub page of the developers, Kaankehh also posted that they discovered three new requests portions that were unknown until then. They said that the remaining ones are understood and now they are working on a request generator. This seems to be the next major step in completing the API and fixing this issue for Windows users. However, nobody knows for sure when and if there will be any other third-party released.