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Many competing companies have been taken by surprise by the huge success Pokemon GO showed worldwide. Now they are struggling to keep up and to catch up with the augmented reality trend that is evolving more and more. Many executives, including those of Sony Corp or Rovio (the creators of Angry Birds), admitted that it’s tough to follow up to such a game.

Ever since its launch in July, Pokemon Go has definitely been the most downloaded game for mobiles. Some executives declared that lots of developers in their own companies have downloaded it and are currently playing it in order to realize how does it manage to attract all the attention. Neil Young, who is a chief executive at N3twork Inc and who has previously worked at Electronic Arts Inc. said that it’s not the right time to release another augmented reality game since it would be extremely hard, if not impossible, to compete with Pokemon Go.

Some developers and executives don’t want to follow in the steps of Niantic, because the game does not include social features, according to their declarations. For instance, players can’t talk among them and can’t collaborate when going for a hunt. They believe this is an essential feature for games today.

Specialists say that the game will earn something between $200 and $500 million in just one year. This would move the game up to the top of the list of grossing mobile games in all the history. Meanwhile, Warner Bros is also working on releasing some augmented reality games, but up until now they refused to give away any more information. However, Richard Marks, who is a senior researcher at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said that it’s hard to match the brand and the fame this game has brought to Niantic.