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It was announced at E3 2016 in June during the Microsoft conference that Minecraft will be receiving console cross-platform play; cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices was released earlier this year.

Mojang’s final intention seems to be to allow all players to play together however; each version of the game is at a different stage and doing this while the Minecraft versions are so different could prove to be a challenge.

The console versions of Minecraft also differ greatly from the PC version of the game; while the PC version received the full combat update, the console versions received Battle mode instead to replace it.

The official release date for the launch of total cross-platform play for Minecraft has not yet been provided by Mojang; during the E3 conference it was revealed that this feature would be arriving some time in 2017.

With the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo arriving within this time period, it’s difficult to know how this will impact the decision to implement cross-platform play.

Mojang should release more details about their plans to blend the consoles and hopefully a release date for this highly anticipated feature.