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Gaming on an iPad can either be a great experience or a terrible, awkward one; the latest iPad Pro 12.9 has a large 12.9 inch screen with great resolution which makes it perfect for gaming however, this doesn’t remove the issue that some mobile games face. The controls can be extremely awkward.

When dealing with awkward controls there’s one clear way to avoid this; purchasing a controller for it. While there are plenty of gamepad style controllers available, most of these are large and awkward to travel with the iPad. There are better controllers available right now such as the Gamevice which snaps onto the device and still features the joysticks and all the buttons.

Besides a good controller, it’s important to have good headphones. When thinking about portability, it’s better to have smaller earphones instead or a pair of fold-able headphones.

A good controller and pair of headphones is a simple way of ensuring a solid gaming experience on any iPad; having a good selection of games is the most important thing however. High quality games such as Telltale’s The Walking Dead, XCom: Enemy Unknown and Banner Saga are a necessity; while the Apple store can be expensive for games, Humble Bundle typically includes iOS games in their Mobile game bundles which is a great way to get more games.

Gaming on an Apple iPad can be a great experience when done properly.