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As if choosing between brands wasn’t difficult enough, you also have to wade through a variety of models to figure out which tablet is best for you. Apple adds to this dilemma of its loyal followers by launching a smaller new generation version of their iPad Pro 12.9. Aside from the obvious size difference, the iPad Pro 9.7 also comes with upgraded and new features. So if you’re deciding which of these two fit your mobile device needs better, use these questions as your guide.

How portable does it have to be?

The bigger iPad weighs in at 1.57 pounds. And considering that weight and its size, some owners have commented that it’s almost like they are carrying two laptops when they pack their 12.9 tab with their Macbooks. The 9.7 iPad Pro is barely 1 pound and has a more portable-friendly size that makes it easier to hold with one hand while walking or standing.

How much typing will I do?

Both can be used with the Smart Keyboard, so flexibility for typing is no problem. So the follow up question is how much of it will you do on your device? If you’re expected to sit down for longer hours and type a lot, then the iPad Pro 12.9 is the more ergonomic choice since it offers more keyboard space and a wider monitor.

Will I use it for design projects?

The 9.7 and 12.9 tablets can both be used with the Apple Pencil making them ideal for creative projects and design. If you are just the occasional doodler, the smaller iPad Pro will work just fine. But if you draw for a living and want to have more space to create your art comfortably, then the bigger tab is the way to go.

Do I need the best display?

For photographers and artists, the reduced screen reflectivity and the True Tone technology of the iPad Pro 9.7 are its winning features. These allow the screen to automatically adjust to brightness and ambient light temperature, so you get to enjoy a more accurate representation of colors on the screen even when outdoors. But this doesn’t mean the iPad Pro 12.9 doesn’t have an excellent display. Its LED-backlit Retina display with a 2732 x 2048 resolution and 264ppi makes everything look nice, whether you are playing games, watching movies, or sketching.

Do I need a good camera?

Both devices have impressive cameras, but obviously the heavier and bigger 12.9 tab will make it more challenging to take those perfect pictures.

How much can I spend?

The 32GB 9.7 version comes with an entry level price of $599, while the 12.9 32GB tab is $799. But if you’ll be using the hybrid more for desktop work, you can get the 128GB 12.9-inch model for $949, making it a better deal than what the iPad Pro 9.7 can offer at the moment.

So, which one should I get?

If you plan to use the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil a lot with your iPad Pro, then go for the 12.9 tab. But if you prefer portability and will use your tablet more for browsing and media, the 9.7-inch gives you the better deal.